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Is your child receiving special education services? The Florida Department of Education is proud to provide access to Special Ed Connection ® at no cost to families of individuals with disabilities who are enrolled in special education programs. To request access to this valuable resource, please contact Amy Lane 

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FDLRS NEFEC staff are happy to announce that we will be providing assistance virtually for any parent, teacher, caregiver, or school staff. You can contact Jessica Callaghan to set up your appointment. 

Parent Webinar Home Activities

Are you a parent of a student with significant cognitive disabilities and need some ideas on how to work with them at home? If so, this video will be a lifesaver. Tune in to get some ideas on how to address reading, math, gross motor, fine motor and life skills using things that you already have and doing things that you already do.

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Reading and Math Professional Learning Opportunities

FDLRS offers both virtual and in-person learning opportunities through your local FDLRS Associate Center/school district. 

The following offers a sampling of the opportunities that may be offered to satisfy a variety of professional learning needs:



Making Reading Instruction Explicit In-person
Differentiating Reading Instruction Virtual and In-person
Exploring Structured Literacy Virtual and In-person
Differentiating Mathematics Instruction Virtual and In-person
Building Math Proficiency In-person
Differentiating Instruction Virtual and In-person
Instructional Practices Virtual
Universal Design for Learning Virtual and In-person
Strategic Instruction Model (SIM): Content Enhancement In-person
Strategic Instruction Model (SIM): Learning Strategies In-person


Contact your Local FDLRS Associate Center for more information!

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Gain a better understanding of special education processes and learn how to help your child benefit from special education services by accessing Special Ed Connection ®.

Welcome to the Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System (FDLRS/NEFEC)

The FDLRS network provides diagnostic and instructional support services to district exceptional student education programs statewide. FDLRS/NEFEC is an integral part of district efforts to provide quality services to the educational community through implementation of state educational goals and priorities.